This site aims to bring together facts and figures about the current and previous iterations of the Anime Saimoe Tournament—a competition to find the most moe character of the year, organised by users of Japanese message board 2ch.

This is not the official Saimoe site, nor is it responsible for the running of the tournament. The official Saimoe 2014 site is here, but is in Japanese only. Many thanks to Anonymous of the unofficial English Saimoe site, from which the data on this site is collected.

Final Update

Well, here we are. After a rocky second half to the tournament, we've ended up with a tie in the final. Yes, really, that is the final outcome by the looks of things.

It's very unclear at the moment whether the tournament will run next year, especially given the management troubles and various other well-documented issues, but we'll just have to wait and see. I'm not making any guarantees about keeping up with next year's tournament, but I certainly will try.

So long, and congratulations to Nodoka and Saki.


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